Web development with deep knowledge

development of upper intermediate and complicated web solutions

Progressive technologies and tools

Ruby on Rails

We use Rails as it emphasize use of common software engineering patterns and principles like MVC, Don’t repeat yourself, test driven development, etc. And Yes, it rocks!


Fifth revision of HTML standard works well on most of modern internet browsers and in comparison to Flash is well supported by mobile deveices under iOS, Android, Symbian etc.


ElasticSearch is a distributed, RESTful, free/open source powerful search server based on Apache Lucene. It provides a scalable search solution, has near real-time search.


This is used to manage projects and keep all tasks in one single place. This service cares about our tasks perfectly as we care about whole development of each projects for our customers.


We are using this for prototyping your ideas and bring them into real shape. Prorotyping is best way to see the result before start of complicated development. It’s human friendly :)

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